pay now with productmate

QR-codes bring offline payments online

customers pay with their mobile wallets or credit cards
faster, cheaper, touch free, more secure, no hardware
tipping, bill splitting, loyalty, reviews, ... already built-in. 

10 seconds payments for restaurants

1. guest scans QR code
2. check appears automatically when guest wants to pay 
3. guest tips, splits the bill, pays and is happily leaving

restaurants turn tables 15min faster

no apps, no terminals, integrated in your POS
Visa, Master, Amex, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, ...

turn customers into fanz

fanz - loyal - pay - tip-thumb

mobile payments integrated in hotel PMS

retain customers with every payment

reach 100% of your customers after every payment
80% participation rate (10x more than industry standard)
automatically built into payments

fanz payment complete
fanz tipping

+40% more tips 

increases your tips by 40%
without the fuss of dealing with notes and coins
reports allow to easily keep track of the day’s tips 

multi-channel payments

getting paid via your website and at the store
same customer experience, same loyalty
only one line of code


real time reporting for every transaction 

fanz - reporting

get alerts for every payment, review every transaction and download full financial reports.

fanz stripe

secure and
PSD2 compliant

every transaction is secured by our partner stripe
PCI service provider level 1
fully PSD2 compliant

no strings attached

no set-up cost, no running cost, no long term contracts