Reach 100% Of Your Customers And Boost Retention

Define your loyalty rules such as cashback %, frequency and timeframe. Reach 100% of paying customers without the need of costly systems. Measure how they come back more frequently, spend more and recommend your business. 


Grow Rapidly With Customer Referrals

Leverage the value of powerful refer-a-friend campaigns without the need of any voucher codes. Define your cashback rules and let us take care of getting new customers into your business.

Supercharge Customer Acquisition

Increase direct customer acquisition with cashback incentives. Keep pricing stable on all distribution channels and boost your most important channels.


Strengthen Your Loyalty Network

Add an unlimited amount of businesses to your loyalty network. Your loyalty rules now automatically apply to the entire network. Leverage the value of your brand. 


CRM On Autopilot

Transform basic transactions into meaningful interactions. Fanz sends out automatic text messages based on individual purchase behaviour to get your customer come back again and again.

Cashback Is King

The most successful loyalty programs put the customer front and center. When customers know what they get and when they get it, they get it. 


Omni-Channel Rewards

Whether your customers buy from your website or at your point of sales, Fanz loyalty accounts for it automatically. 


Connect To Our Loyalty API

You run your own payment or POS service? Connect with our loyalty API and offer a seamlessly integrated loyalty program. 


I never had a loyalty program before because all offers were too complicated or cost intensive. With fanz, I quickly have set up what loyalty means for me and my business and the feedback of most of my customers is just "wow, cool". I cannot see our business operating without it anymore.

Harald H.
Small Business Owner

No Strings Attached

No set-up cost, no running cost, no long term contracts. Test fanz today.