About Us

About Us

We help make guests happy with our all-in-one commerce platform.

Turn Customers Into fanz

We are building amazing, easy-to-use, value-added services on top of the existing digital payment infrastructure that both businesses and customers love. Once you combine smart ways of accepting digital payments with loyalty rules, review automation, direct messaging, smart referrals, loyalty ad networks, smart tipping, machine learning, and more, we can rethink the way businesses transact, interact and connect with new and existing customers.

Leadership Principles

Turn everyone into your fan: Insist on the highest standards for you, your team, and the company. Continually raise the bar to deliver high-quality products, services, and processes. Do so by listening attentively, speaking candidly, and treating others respectfully.

Always test and learn: Require innovation and always simplify. Get inspired by customers, partners, and the ecosystem around you. Never stop learning.
Strive for high talent density: Raise the bar with every hire and promotion. Develop, recognize and coach exceptional talent and move them throughout the organization.
Fewer rules, more ownership: Think long term and don’t sacrifice for short-term results. Act on behalf of the company, not just your own team. Never say, “that’s not my job.”
Think big: Create and communicate a bold direction that inspires others. Think differently and look around corners.

Speed matters: Not every decision needs extensive studies. Take calculated risks.

Accomplish more with less: There are no extra points for growing headcount, budget size, or fixed expenses. Constraints breed resourcefulness and invention.
Operate at all levels: Stay connected to details, audit frequently, and be metrics driven. No task is beneath you.

Disagree and commit: Respectfully challenge plans and decisions. Don’t compromise for the sake of social cohesion. But once a decision is made, fully commit.

Deliver results: Despite setbacks, rise to the occasion, never settle, and deliver with the right quality and in a timely fashion.